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Here at Kreativ Kitchens, we’re experts in BORA’s revolutionary kitchen technology. We’ve pioneered their fantastic appliances from day one.

Cutting-Edge Appliances From Bora

BORA is best known for its impressive venting hobs. The first company to combine a cooktop and extraction system in one sleek appliance, their award-winning hobs have changed how we use our kitchens. Since leading the way with their innovative cooktop extractors, BORA has released a new range of state-of-the-art steam ovens. They are on a mission to find new and exciting ways to elevate modern living and take the kitchen to new heights. Their extraordinary appliances beautifully balance the versatile demands of daily life, helping you achieve delicious healthy meals while spending more time with the people that matter. If you would like to know more about how BORA’s fantastic appliances could help you get more from your home, we’re here to help. At Kreativ Kitchens, we’ve worked with BORA for many years. We possess extensive knowledge of their products and can help advise on the best model to suit your lifestyle and budget.

High-Performance Venting Hobs

BORA has devised a better way to ventilate the kitchen. Their innovative venting hobs draw vapours straight from the source, preventing cooking smells from permeating your room. Unlike traditional cooker hoods, their patented downdraft cooktop extractor utilises a combination of flow speed and compact motor technology to achieve 100% effective results. They are quieter and easier to clean than overhead extractors. Furthermore, their induction cooking technology is equally impressive. You can rest assured BORA’s award-winning hobs deliver on both style and substance.

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Experience Unrivalled Design Freedom

With over 20 years of experience in the kitchen sector, BORA’s founder, Willi Bruckbauer, saw an opportunity for radical improvement. His vision forever changed how we design the modern kitchen, introducing unparalleled creative freedom to the home. With BORA’s ingenious venting hobs, you are no longer limited to installing your cooker against an external wall. The sleek and sophisticated hob can be fitted anywhere within your space, allowing you to realise your kitchen’s full potential with the most efficient and elegant layout. What’s more, you needn’t put up with a loud and visually obtrusive hood interrupting your conversations. BORA’s seamless and quiet cooktops make socialising while cooking effortless. BORA’s revolutionary appliances offer you the chance to experience the future of modern kitchen design.

The New Bora Flex Oven

Achieving delicious and nutritious meals has never been easier with BORA’s new X BO flex oven. Featuring a sleek 19-inch touchscreen display and professional standard steam cooking technology, now you can master perfectly baked bread and tender vegetables in just a few swipes. Like BORA’s award-winning hobs, their ovens are remarkably intuitive to use. And with self-cleaning and automatic steam extraction technology, they don’t compromise on functionality. Plus, their clean, seamless looks make them a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Get More From Your Kitchen With Bora

From unlocking greater design potential to enhancing your cooking, BORA’s revolutionary appliances allow you to get more from your kitchen. Whether you’re planning to create a sleek and streamlined space for entertaining or experiment with cooking Michelin-inspired dishes, their cutting-edge appliances offer a fantastic solution. Here at Kreativ Kitchens, our experienced and professional designers will work closely with you to ensure your space ticks all the boxes. From devising the most efficient layout to advising on the best appliances, we’ll meticulously tailor your design to your individual requirements. With BORA’s state-of-the-art technology and our design expertise, you can rest assured your new space will deliver the ultimate in style and performance.

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Including the X Pure, S Pure, and Pure, the elegant BORA Pure range combines style and functionality with a sleek, flexible induction cooktop and a circular central extractor.

bora classic


Including the X Pure, S Pure, and Pure, the elegant BORA Pure range combines style and functionality with a sleek, flexible induction cooktop and a circular central extractor.

bora professional


Featuring an oversized cooking surface, intuitive dial controls, and an automatic cover flap, BORA’s high-performance Professional hob is a must for any passionate home chef.

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