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Poggenpohl Kitchens

Poggenpohl is one of the leading luxury German kitchen brands. Their collections combine boundary-pushing architectural design concepts with superb craftsmanship and unrivalled precision.



Precision Craftmanship

Having dedicated over 130 years to striving for innovation and extraordinary craftsmanship, Poggenpohl’s products are considered some of the finest, most opulent and ground-breaking kitchens in the industry. Poggenpohl continues to lead the way in modern kitchen design, fusing innovative architectural concepts and practices with a unique blend of age-old skills and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Their patented sanding-varnish production method is a prime example of their ability to elevate the carpenter’s craft. As they still individually produce all their kitchens to order at their German manufacturing facility, they are able to guarantee exceptional workmanship and flawless precision, right down to the finest details.

Unrivalled Innovation & Versatility

Available in an extraordinary range of exquisite colours and finishes, Poggenpohl invites you to create a kitchen that captures your imagination and harnesses the very essence of your home. Furthermore, with a superb selection of unique design features and storage solutions at your fingertips, you’ll find everything you need to truly transform your lifestyle.


Boasting clean lines, restrained styling and uncompromising functionality, Poggenpohl’s +SEGMENTO range is a true design classic. Its stripped-back form and flawless surfaces are the epitome of minimalism. +SEGMENTO offers the perfect, pristine canvas upon which to impress your individual style. Despite a lack of obvious functional features, it delivers slick, ergonomic performance like no other kitchen. If you’re looking to create a timeless, streamlined interior, Poggenpohl’s +SEGMENTO range makes an excellent starting place.



Standing on sleek metal side frames, Poggenpohl’s innovative +VENOVO collection gives the appearance of floating. Their award-winning design cleverly fuses urban flair and superb practicality. All of Poggenpohl’s kitchens include a wealth of ingenious and inventive storage solutions. +VENOVO offers an unexpected twist on modern kitchen design. It breaks down the boundary between kitchen and living space, providing a breathtaking backdrop to the heart of any home.



Featuring a dramatic, raised worksurface, +MODO creates a culinary stage in the centre of your kitchen. The resulting ledge below provides a fantastic space to showcase utensils and accessories. Plus, with a choice of innovative storage solutions and bespoke pull-out shelves, +MODO slots seamlessly into daily life. Poggenpohl and Jorge Pensi’s extraordinary new architectural element rethinks kitchen design, bringing new possibilities to the home.





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