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Pronorm Kitchens

Pronorm kitchens offer a seamless balance between incredible durability, stunning looks and exceptional functionality. They have been leading innovation and challenging design concepts since 1972 to bring spectacular creativity to your kitchen design.

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German Made

Bespoke Kitchens

At Kreativ Kitchens, we pioneer exceptional cutting-edge bespoke design. All the kitchens we create are shaped entirely around you for the ultimate in luxury and individual style. We work closely with you to understand your vision to craft a truly impeccable and innovative interior. Our extraordinary kitchens are uncompromising; they are formed using only the highest quality German products for outstanding functionality and meticulous attention to detail.

Industry Leading

Pronorm Innovation

In order to achieve such extraordinary designs, we partner with some of the most highly regarded German kitchen manufacturers in the industry including leading innovators Pronorm. For over 40 years, Pronorm has been embracing individuality with their philosophy of giving every customer an opportunity to ‘Create your World’. Their outstanding quality kitchens feature a beautiful variety of colours and finishes as well as fantastic storage solutions which allows our specialists to create truly unique and practical interiors.


At Kreativ Kitchens, we work with three Pronorm ranges, X-Line, Y-Line and Proline. Every range delivers outstanding quality and durability with the use of a solid wood crossbeam which ensures Pronorm’s kitchens withstand the most rigorous demands. X-Line is their most luxurious handleless range.

The beautiful gently curving C shaped door rail profile ergonomically fits the hand for impeccably seamless use. A choice of 5 handle colours allows you to perfectly compliment your door finish for an extraordinary feeling of space and cohesion. The exquisite detailing establishes instantly recognisable sophistication.

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Y Line

Pronorm put their customers at the heart of their design concepts and have thus created an outstanding range of storage solutions that include drawers and pull-out units, intelligent and customisable internal fitting systems and their exceptional pocket-door model. These storage solutions can be integrated with each modular range seamlessly.

The handleless Y-Line collection allows for an impressive interplay of form, function and ergonomics for a remarkably versatile and unmistakable design concept. The Y handle profile comes in aluminium and anodised black finishes for an extraordinary and distinctive style. This striking detailing is perfectly complemented by Pronorm’s superb range of exquisite surface finishes and colours which in addition to their variable planning concept promotes unrivalled flexibility.


With over 40 years dedicated to developing and enhancing the most exceptional kitchen innovations, Pronorm has achieved an extraordinary balance of functionality, longevity and style across all their distinctive ranges. Advanced edge bonding technology protects each design from heat and moisture to ensure their refined aesthetic stands the test of time.

The Proline collection reflects a departure in function and aesthetic from the previous ranges, achieving a remarkable fusion of archetypal detailing and minimalist style. The Proline range includes a sleek choice of beautiful handle designs adding a striking touch to the clean and minimal concept. A grid planning system introduces a limitless variety of sizes and configurations for beautifully tailored interiors.


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If you would like to find out more about Pronorm kitchens, you can experience them first-hand at our Leeds showroom. Or, if you prefer, you can speak to our expert designers over the phone to discuss your project and discover how Kreativ Kitchens can bring your dream kitchen to life.