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Creating A Sustainable Kitchen Is Easier Than You Think

After the second heatwave of the year and countless worrying news headlines, climate change is a growing concern. And from big manufacturers to individual homeowners, more and more of us are looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. If you’re planning to renovate your home, sustainability is definitely worth taking into account. Thanks to recent developments in technology, achieving a sustainable kitchen is easier than you might think. Below is our simple guide to creating a more environmentally friendly kitchen.


Choose Sustainable Materials

Ensuring your new kitchen is made from sustainable materials is the first step to minimising the environmental impact of your project. And as most kitchen units are made from wood, this shouldn’t be too tricky. Timber is considered sustainable, provided it is FSC or PEFC certified. Check with your retailer to make sure the wood used in your kitchen is responsibly sourced. You may also wish to consider other aspects of your interior such as your worktops and flooring. There is a range of recycled glass and quartz worktops available. PEFC or FSC-certified timber also makes an excellent choice. In terms of flooring, the most sustainable materials include engineered hardwood, cork and natural linoleum.


Our Partners

It’s not just about what materials go into your kitchen. How your kitchen is built also contributes to the sustainability of your project. At Kreativ, we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality interiors. We work with some of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry. All our partners have taken measures to improve the sustainability of their production process and finished products.


Pronorm’s Sustainability Promise

Pronorm’s numerous certifications confirm their commitment to sustainability. They are members of the German Furniture Quality Association’s Climate Pact and are EMAS accredited. They have also signed up to KlimaInvest’s green energy initiative and the RKT packaging recycling system. From utilising sustainable materials to reducing waste and investing in green energy, our shared environment is at the heart of Pronorm’s socially minded ethos.


Certified Quality From Warendorf

Boundary pushing excellence, exquisite craftsmanship and extraordinary innovation underpin everything Warendorf do. All their outstanding products bear the exclusive Golden M seal of quality. The Golden M is the most stringent proof of quality, safety and sustainability in Europe. It should give you complete confidence in the longevity and environmental accountability of their products.



Carbon Neutral Worktops From Dekton

Pioneering worktop manufacturers Cosentino have invested around £20 million in environmental assets, research, and improvement. Their innovative, ultra-compact work surface, Dekton officially earned carbon-neutral status in 2020. Dekton is exceptionally scratch, stain and heat-resistant, and with so many inspiring finishes available, it makes a luxurious, high-performance choice.


Silestone’s Eco-Friendly Quartz

Cosentino has also strived to improve the eco credentials of their quartz range, Silestone. Their HybridQ technology has revolutionised their manufacturing process, allowing them to use 100% renewable electricity, 20% recycled particles and 99% recycled water while producing 0% waste. Their new Sunlit Days collection has also achieved carbon-neutral status.


Future-proof Your Design

While prioritising sustainable materials and manufacturing processes is a vital step in the right direction, building a new kitchen requires a substantial amount of energy and resources. Understandably, we all need to update our kitchens now and then. However, ensuring your new kitchen stands the test of time is the best way to get the most out of the precious resources involved in transforming your space. You’ll need to ensure your design works for your household now and in the future. This means finding an efficient layout that provides all the worktop, storage space and appliances you require. Be wary of the latest fads and fashions. Try and create a timeless design that captures your individual taste. Creating the perfect practical, stylish and long-lasting kitchen can be tricky. We recommend enlisting the help of an experienced and professional kitchen design specialist.


Energy-Efficient Appliances

The latest appliances are not only designed to streamline daily tasks, but they can also make your kitchen more efficient. You’ll find a range of new dishwashers and washing machines engineered to use less water and energy. The latest induction hobs are also considerably more efficient than their gas and electric counterparts. Our favourite is the boiling-water tap — convenient, stylish, and efficient!

You can gauge the efficiency of an appliance by checking the energy rating label. The rating ranges from A-G, with A being the most efficient. Bear in mind that appliances fall into different categories depending on their size. Thus, a large American-style fridge freezer could have the same rating as a small under-counter fridge even though the small fridge uses much less energy.


Install LED Lighting

A simple way to save energy throughout your home, not just in the kitchen, is to install LED lights. They are much longer lasting and more efficient than old incandescent bulbs. You may also want to consider introducing more natural light to your space by fitting large bi-fold doors or skylights. Lighting plays a vital practical and aesthetic role in the kitchen. For more information on creating a great kitchen lighting scheme, please click here.


Creating a sustainable kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult, and it certainly doesn’t mean sacrificing anything when it comes to style or performance. With an increasing number of suppliers genuinely committed to improving the sustainability of their collections and manufacturing processes, there are plenty of outstanding products to choose from. Ultimately, one of the most important factors impacting the sustainability of your new kitchen is longevity. If you would like further advice on designing a kitchen to last a lifetime, please give us a call on 0113 269 2784 or email [email protected].

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