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Project Value: £35,000 - £40,000


This pared-back exquisite handleless kitchen emanates depth and dimension with its smooth crisp finishes and pristine Silestone White Arabesque Quartz worktops. With the Light Grey cabinetry adorning the walls there’s an illuminating sense of space. This is complemented by the bold hues of the lower Stratus Grey units that flow seamlessly, forming an L-shaped layout. This creative colour combination creates an immediate visual appeal and amplifies the expanse of the room, enhancing the overall open-plan design of this living space. The elegant island takes centre stage and is beautifully embellished with a reflective bubble pendant light that creates an eye-catching focal point, emitting light in all directions. Enhancing the warmth of the area, panel lighting under the cabinetry and strategically placed spotlights contribute to crafting a truly inviting atmosphere.

With Siemens appliances and a rustic Barazza gas hob woven seamlessly into the sleek cabinetry, there’s a sense of symmetry with the fine lines of the handleless interiors enveloping the space. Deep sliding drawers and extensive cabinetry accommodate multiple storage solutions, as does the statement glass cabinet that houses fine glassware. With lighting neatly tucked away in the alcoves of this unit, illuminating light creates a contrast with the black tones, cultivating a dramatic and showstopping design feature.



This sumptuous and sleek kitchen delighted our client in Adel with its fine lines and flawless finishes, it embodies both form and functionality with its simple yet striking aesthetic.


Key Features

  • Barazza Gas Hob
  • Blanco Sink and Tap
  • Siemens Appliances
  • Silestone White Arabesque Quartz worktops

"This stunning and streamlined handleless kitchen greatly impressed our Adel client, who was absolutely delighted by its array of exquisite design elements."

Director | Kreativ Kitchens
Matthew Grantham

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