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Project Value: £75 - £80k for both rooms


This Walnut Veneer & Organic Glass Matt Black kitchen and boot room from our Pronorm X-Line & Proline collection provides cutting-edge functionality and modern elegance, transforming both the cooking experience and storage capacity for this home in Roundhay. Designed to impress, the Kreativ team crafted an exquisite space for culinary creations and to maximise space for the family.

Our designers created a spacious open-plan layout to connect the cooking area to the living space, making it ideal for family dinners and entertaining guests. The centrepiece is a sleek island with a modern, minimalist design, crafted from high- quality wood Walnut Veneer and topped with Dekton Nacre porcelain worktops. This island provides ample workspace and an integrated Bora induction hob, ensuring a seamless cooking experience.

The dining area, adjacent to the kitchen island, invites family and friends to gather, and our designers incorporated the tasteful use of ambient lighting throughout the kitchen, adding to the overall warmth and elegance, creating a space that is as welcoming as it is functional.

State-of-the-art appliances from Siemens are integrated into the design, including double ovens encased in sleek wooden cabinetry, providing functionality and style. The minimalist black sink with Quooker tap and Buster and Punch handles is perfectly positioned beneath the window, so our clients can gaze out into your garden whilst doing their tasks.

The cabinetry, a striking combination of matte black and rich wood finishes, offers multiple storage options and is designed with a soft-close mechanism, ensuring quiet and effortless operation. The built-in shelving unit, beautifully illuminated, showcases our client’s finest glassware and adds a touch of glamour to the room. Kreativ Kitchens also designed and installed a boot room for our Roundhay clients that effortlessly combines practicality and style, transforming a functional space into a design statement. This beautifully crafted space offers ample storage and a serene atmosphere.

The wood accents, including the beautiful floor-to-ceiling storage unit, bring warmth and a touch of nature indoors. A rich wood grain finish adds a rustic charm contrasting with the modern black cabinetry. This boot room is perfect for stowing away coats, boots, and other outdoor gear, keeping our client’s home neat. The combination of ample storage and stylish design elements ensures this room is as functional as it is beautiful, designed to elevate our client’s everyday routines.

Key Features

  • Walnut Veneer & Organic Glass Matt Black Kitchen
  • Dekton Nacre Porcelain Worktops
  • Quooker tap with Buster and Punch handles

"Opting for an open-plan layout, our team have maximised the space in this Roundhay home. Integrating cohesive storage units as well as glass cabinetry has created a beautiful modern space with exceptional functionality, perfect for our clients. "

Director | Kreativ Kitchens
Matthew Grantham

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